Support Support and services program to complement

Get in touch with a team of jPOS experts to help you to stay on track with your project requirements and timelines. We can optimize the selection of your support team to ensure it is in a convenient time zone to facilitate your interaction and access to the knowledge of experts who have built some of the largest, extreme reliable jPOS applications in the world. Get priority access with guaranteed response times to assist you with development and product configuration of your jPOS project.

jPOS Subscription

$ 5,500

  • Accelerate your development
  • Support and Services program to complement
  • Help with sample code, proof-of-concept modules and configuration files
  • 12 month of priority access to support experts for development and production issues
  • Aggregate of 10 hours
  • Phone and email support
  • One named user
  • 15 mins. minimum per incident
  • Includes 1st instance of jPOS Commercial License
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