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The de-facto open source implementation of the international ISO-8583 standard Project

Java® based jPOS provides an open source software bridge between ISO-8583-based messages and your internal processing networks and systems. Whether an organization is tracking millions of transactions daily or tens of thousands, jPOS can be implemented to create a clean, efficient financial solution for handling data associated with all transactions in a PCI compliant way.

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Strategic freedom and lower cost of open source

Peace of mind of a 10+ years active project, downloaded 100,000+ times with 2,000+ developers and an active community.

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Processing millions of transactions per day in 80+ countries in 5 continents.

  • jPOS

    jPOS is a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized and extended to implement financial interchanges.

  • jPOS-EE

    Makes the most out of jPOS by providing developers with the business logic, rules and database connectivity required by financial interchanges, transaction switches and other sophisticated systems.

  • jPOSware

    A familiy of jPOS related products like jCARD, jPTS, Programmer's Guide, ISO/Bridge and the ISO-8583 C lightweight library.


    Visit the jPOS Project Website to download jPOS Community Version and check the available free resources like API Docs, source code, related blogs and mailing lists. Project up to date:

jPOS 2.1.4 has been released // jPOS-EE 2.2.6. New development version is 2.2.7-SNAPSHOT now.// jCard under the "Business Source License" // Gradle Project now default for jPOS builds

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jPOS 2.0.8 has been released, new development version is now 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT see ChangeLog for details. This release includes the former jPOS-EE SSH module that can be enabled by calling Q2 with the --ssh switch. This requires a file cfg/authorized_keys and defaults to port 2222. After starting the SSH service, one can: ssh -p 2222 admin@localhost and get a Q2 CLI prompt. See q2 --help for details.

Alejandro Revilla's Blog

Has anyone successfully exchanged transaction with a BASE24 system using the ACI BIC-ISO interface at all? I'm wondering if you also use our Generic Packager setup...

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I want to find out what it takes to build a card management system (CMS) using jpos library. Basically the use case will be, customers will be given loyalty card,...

jPOS User list
100,000+ downloads // 2000+ developers// 100+ countries // In use 24/7 processing thousands of TPS