Training Support and services program to complement

Learn how to integrate, test, deploy and manage jPOS technology within your project architecture. Transactility has a set of Training programs to help you get up to speed on the jPOS technology.

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Starters Training

  • 2 1-hour virtual offline trainings with all the necessary backround for jPOS and jPOS-EE
  • Includes 160+ pages jPOS Programmer's Guide
  • Technical and practical
  • For experienced users considering jPOS technology
  • For new developers needing a crash course on ISO-8583 financial interchanges
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Custom Training

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  • Priced and available on a time-and-material basis
  • Emphasizes an agreed-upon portion of the Starters Training curriculum
  • Addresses your specific project or use case
  • Held at our premises, online meeting tools and/or your location
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