releases the jPOS and jPOS-EE software technologies under the AGPLv3 license (GNU Affero General Public License version3) and bases its development under the “Quid Pro Quo” principle. In return for the advantages you realize from using jPOS and jPOS-EE you are either required to release your application code back to the community under the AGPLv3 license or to contribute to the continued development of jPOS and jPOS-EE by purchasing a commercial license.

If you are creating a jPOS or jPOS-EE based proprietary application and you are not prepared to distribute and share the source code under the AGPLv3 license Transactility can sell you a commercial license that will no longer obligate you to release your source code.

The AGPLv3 license includes the “network services” distribution concept and a jPOS-based application that provides services through a network shall also be covered by the AGPLv3 license. If you have questions regarding you obligations under the AGPLv3 license please contact us. You can learn more about the AGPL 3 license at the Free Software Foundation website.

Licensing Plans Comprehensive commercial licensing for jPOS, jPOS-EE and jPOSware.

jPOS Commercial License


  • Perpetual
  • Per instance
  • Per customer/institution
  • $1,150 per additional instance
  • 12 months of free updates
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jPOS Commercial License Preferred

$ 4,370

  • Perpetual
  • Per instance
  • Per customer/institution
  • $2,185 per additional instance
  • 24 months of free updates
  • Discount in Support Hours Packages
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OEM, VAR and Customized Licenses

Upon Request

  • Bulk Licenses Available
  • Conversion from AGPL to specific needs license
  • Special Bundles of Support and Commercial Licenses
  • Other customization requests available
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An instance is considered as one Java Virtual Machine that uses the jPOS library/framework. // A system is considered as one jPOS based application that serves one customer/institution (either onsite or hosted)

Business Source License New license model for our extreme performance Transaction Switch (jPTS) and best-of-breed Card Management System (jCard) that harness the benefits of open source for continued development projects

jCard & jPTS Reference Implementation

Comprehensive License + monthly support

  • 12 months minimum period
  • Renewable per month after 1st year
  • Up to 3 developers in Support Program
  • Additional developers seats available
  • All updates included free
  • Discounts in Support, Consulting and Training
  • Free access to Quarterly Reference Implementation Webinar with jPOS core development team
  • Continuous access and alerts to relevant mailing lists and Blog posts
  • Converts to AGPL v3 Open Source license after pre-determined initial period
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