jPTS jPOS Transaction Switch

In spite of specifications for card transactions like the ISO-8583, all card transaction management solution involve plenty of different legacy solutions with inbound and outbound specific protocols.

jPTS enables the message switching between the card transaction participants, approaching them as source, destination, control, monitoring and security stations, normalizing all the messaging between them. Coupled with jCard, that implements the native jPOS CMF, it leverages the market-proven jPOS and jPOS-EE underlying components to create an extremely available, reliable and scalable transaction switch.

jPTS Diagram

jPTS is offered under the new "Business Source License" which mixes the benefits of being involved with the jPOS core development team and being up to date with the latest jPTS developments while you are developing your closed source solution, and the benefits of having an open source license after a given period, usually when your development ends.


jPOS was created in the late 1990’s at the project and is available as a free download under the GNU AGPL v3 open source license. You may visit to check the valuable and free available resources like the users and developers’ forums, mailing lists, Wiki and online Javadocs. You may also contribute to the project by buying the jPOS Programmer’s Guide and can get additional support like 1-on-1 email and phone support, training and consulting.


Transactility has a comprehensive commercial licensing offering for companies and users who do not want to distribute and share the source code of their applications under the GPL license.

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