jPOS A proven payments-enabling open-source framework

jPOS is a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized and extended to implement financial interchanges.

It is the de-facto Open Source implementation of the international ISO-8583 standard giving users greater strategic freedom and lower costs. A wide range of clients including Fortune-500 companies, the biggest credit card processors, new Fintech startups or software integrators in need of utmost reliability at an affordable total cost of ownership, rely on jPOS for their mission-critical applications.

The project launched in the late 1990s and jPOS-based software is in production in more than 100 countries processing millions of transactions every single second 7x24x365. With over 150,000 downloads, jPOS is supported by thousand of developers and is in production on 5 continents processing millions of transactions including several 1,000 TPS solutions.

jPOS provides an open-source software bridge between ISO 8583-based messages and your internal processing networks and systems. As such, it serves as the messaging foundation for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders using payment cards. Whether an organization is tracking millions of transactions daily or tens of thousands, jPOS can be implemented to create a clean, efficient financial solution for documenting data associated with all transactions.

You can use jPOS underpinnings to build a switch implementation that replicates any and all of the features found in best-of-breed products in the market. jPOS can help you act as acquirer or issuer, can be strict one-to-one or one-to-many, can do pass through processing or act as host. jPOS eliminates most of the grunt work associated with complex ISO8583 messaging implementations and its corresponding security requirements, thus allowing you and your team to focus on more ‘value added’ activities like supporting new card products and features, new devices and new points of origination.


jPOS was created in the late 1990’s at the project and is available as a free download under the GNU AGPL v3 open source license. You may visit to check the valuable and free available resources like the users and developers’ forums, mailing lists, Wiki and online Javadocs. You may also contribute to the project buy buying the jPOS Programmer’s Guide and can get additional support like 1-on-1 email and phone support, training and consulting.


Transactility has a comprehensive commercial licensing offering for companies and users who do not want to distribute and share the source code of their applications under the GPL license.

jPOS Figures Proven at the marketplace!

Developers supporting it
High Performance
100,000+ downloads // 2000+ developers// 100+ countries // In use 24/7 processing thousands of TPS