Transactility offers a variety of support and services programs targeted to developers and end-users that need help to ensure the success of their jPOS-related projects. You should also check the Community Support at where you will find very valuable resources like the users and developers’ forums, mailing lists, Wiki, Blog and online Javadocs.

Although there are many simple applications where jPOS can be used almost out-of-the-box (i.e. simulators, simple protocol converters, etc.) and jPOS has many components that combined in the right way can make your financial system shine and achieve extreme performance levels, a correct and planned assessment, development and implementation is a key factor to be sure that an application that may run well in a test environment does not fail to perform correctly when dealing with hundreds or thousands of transactions per second.

A company willing to implement a mission-critical financial system will face a full-scale development effort. That development involves a very good knolwedge of Java, learning jPOS and probably also several related standards such as ISO-8583, ANSI X9.24, as well as proprietary documentation provided by acquiring institutions.

Transactility services will let your organization leverage the best of jPOS Consulting which includes jPOS creator and its core development team, with a support network that will provide you all necessary services tailored to your specific requirements.

If you need in-depth support for a complex, mission-critical application or need absolute maximum performance out of your jPOS-based system, jPOS Consulting can deliver a custom consulting package composed of experienced jPOS consultants that will assist you with Project Design Review, System Security Analysis, Advanced jPOS Programming Support, Systems Integration Support, System and Process Documentation Services, Training Services (Materials Development), Development to "Live" Operations Support and Ongoing Institution Level Support Services.

Transactility can put together a group of System Architects, Business Analysts, Java and jPOS experts including jPOS creators and founders that are ready to help you in your project.

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